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  • Workshop on "Employment Prospects in the Era of
    Automation" will be conducted by Vahagn Jerbashian of
    Barcelona University, and hosted by the Central Bank of
    Armenia on July 20th. See details.
  • The 2018 Annual Meetings were held June 14-16, 2018.
    Visit Conference page for details.
  • Expanded 2001-2016 Armenian Household Surveys
    released in April. See Survey data under Resources.
  • January 2018 newsletter is now available. See here and
    in AboutUs for earlier releases.
  • Life in Transition III (LiTS2016) data is released. See
    Survey data under the Resources page.
  • Call for papers for the Armenian Journal of Economics
  • The text of the EU Comprehensive and Extended
    Partnership Agreement with Armenia has been released.
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The Resources page provides information on available surveys and micro databases and general economic data and statistics for
Armenia. It also provides links to
graduate and undergraduate lecture notes, textbooks, programming tools, conferences and
training opportunities, among others.  Authors may post their
working papers for feedback. Explore and find out how it can serve
your needs.
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Workshop on
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